Custom Metal Stamp letter set
Custom Metal Stamp letter set
Custom Metal Stamp letter set
Custom Metal Stamp letter set
Custom Metal Stamp letter set

Custom Metal Stamp letter set

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Here is your opportunity to have a truly unique alphabet,uppercase, lowercase, and number set in any font and character size of your choice.

Square Custom font made in the USA. Handle length is 2 inches long to give you plenty of space to grip while stamping.The stamp is fabricated out of hardened tool steel that will last for many years of use.


Check the  illustration shows how to measure the character height of an engraved steel stamp. Actual character size is measured from the very top center point, to the very bottom center point, of the character.

I can fabricate your stamps in other any font which includes hand written fonts or any size you request. Please contact me with any questions you have and I will give you a quote.

Please provide the following:

Please provide the ttf for your font, a link where I can download it, or clear high resolution pictures of each of the font letters. 

Note on how fonts are sized

Characters are also measured from the very top center point to the very bottom center point of character.

The best way to measure the character size of hand stamps you already have, is to push the stamp into a piece of paper resting on a hard surface and measure the letter or number impression on the paper.

Lower Case characters compliment Upper Case characters of the same font size. The illustration in the 2nd picture above shows the typical size relationship.

Letters like b, d, f, and h will be as tall as capitol sets of equal size, all others like a, c, and e will be smaller.

Note: Please make sure you try out at actual size before completing your order. That way you will see what the design will look like at actual size compared to looking at it on a larger computer screen.

I will ensure that your custom metal steel stamp will meet your specifications resulting in long-lasting, clear stamp impressions.

lowercase set 26 stamps a-z (abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz)
number set 10 stamps 0-9 (0123456789)

extra characters and symbols available on request.

Also available in metric sizes.
1mm- 38mm character sizes.

Font sets take longer then individual stamps.