MTY Portable Hydraulic Jewelry  and Stamping Press
MTY Portable Hydraulic Jewelry  and Stamping Press

MTY Portable Hydraulic Jewelry and Stamping Press

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MTY Portable Hydraulic Jewelry and Stamping Press

Small enough to fit in a small work shop or travel but strong enough for any task.

Emboss, texture, bend, form, shape and cut metal using hydraulics instead of muscle power with a hydraulic jewelry press. This press performs all the tasks of a stamping press punch & die sets, forming hammers, anvils and stakes--and completes each task faster and more evenly with less finishing required and with no marring or damaging of metals. With manually powered hydraulics, engineered to deliver up to 4, 8, 12, 20, 30, or 50, tons of force, conforming metal to the shape of the die placed in the plates of the press.

Work area is 5" x 5".

Standard working height is 4".

Additional working height of up to 18" available.

Hardened bottom working platen is 2" round but larger sizes are available on request as well custom sizes and shapes.

1/2" top tool holder for stamps and tooling.


This press features a hydraulic ram with:

MTY pres
• Integrated triple seals for smooth operation.
• An oil bypass system protects internal parts by preventing over extension of the ram.
• A rust-protected high heat finish.
• Forged steel construction that provides superior strength to weight ratio.

In addition, the press features:

• Press frame made from  cold rolled forged steel for extra strength.
• The lower platen is self-leveling for consistently even impressions.
• Return springs
• T-handle and jack handle to open and close the release valve.

Also Available in

Air over hydraulic bottle Jack

20 ton
30 ton

Please send us a request for additional prices on custom designs and these options

Custom frame

Extra long handle

Pressure gauge

 Electric hydraulic pump with manual or electric solenoid control 

 Foot pump